Incubation Nation

Our 12 month Programme

 Following a 1:2:1 Business Planning Session we dive into a 12 month programme where each month has a clear focus. The SAM PLAN focuses on:

S: Social Media & Sales

A: Accountability

M: Marketing & Mindset


P: Planning & Profit 

L: Learning

A: A Blue Sea

N: Numbers

 Surrounded by supportive peers and industry experts – Incubation Nation is here to help you Start, Scale and Succeed. Thanks to funding from Natwest we can offer 100 funded places in 2024/2025.

Incubation Nation Business Bootcamp July 2022



Where are you now? Where do you want to be in 12 months’ time? Goals can provide guidance and direction, help with planning, and assist in performance evaluation.

Cornerstone: Business Review


Pricing & Profit

Pricing, profit and cash flows – how you could achieve your goals! Boost your confidence and know your worth.

Cornerstone: Business Plan & Revenue



Goals set, and you know your numbers, let’s get selling! Boost your confidence and sell more in your business.

Cornerstone: Confidence &  Mindset


Audience Building

When you engage with people who could be potential followers or subscribers, they’ll become your raving fans and help you sell!

Cornerstone: Sales & Marketing


Social Media

Social media is a free and essential tool for businesses to connect directly with people interested in your brand. However, you can’t just log in and start posting without a strategy. You need to make a social media marketing plan.

Cornerstone: Marketing & Social Media


Website & SEO

One of the main reasons why startups should invest in SEO is the potential to gain free organic traffic which can compound and scale over time, offering a cost-effective alternative to paid advertising. In fact, SEO has a high potential to become a pillar of your marketing channel mix.

Cornerstone:  Planning 


Financial Planning

Business owners are responsible for financial obligations like insurance, savings, and retirement. It can be tempting to pour everything into the business, ignore personal financial planning, and hope it all works in your favor. 

Cornerstone: Planning


Mindset & Mental Health

Entrepreneurs who ignore their mental health are more likely to experience burnout and become less motivated. Learn from our go to experts on how to avoid burnout and manage stress.

Cornerstone: Health


Brand Photography

Photography can be a valuable investment for small businesses because it can be used in many areas, including websites, social media, marketing materials, and more. Learn from our go to expert and mentor Ailsa.

Cornerstone: Branding


Learn about LinkedIn

LinkedIn, often described as the professional network of the digital age, is much more than just a platform for connecting with colleagues and showcasing your work history. It’s a powerhouse of possibilities that, when harnessed effectively, can catapult your profile. 

Cornerstone: Social Media



We deep dive into the world of Self Assessments and HMRC filings and we’ll equip you with all the knowledge, valuable hints and expert tips so you’re fully prepared ahead of the filing deadline.

Cornerstone: Accounting


12-month Review

Review your last 12 months sales, business growth and personal development. Kick off the review by recognising and celebrating your accomplishments throughout the year.

Cornerstone: Everything!

At the end of the programme, you won’t be on your own. You’ll be invited to join us as a member where you can continue to access weekly drop-in sessions, monthly Coaching , Accountability sessions, and monthly training sessions too – plus you’ll have our hub of experts and their services to call upon if you need them.

100 FREE places for Entrepreneurs in the East Midlands – Funded by Natwest.

June 1st 2024 to May 31st 2025


Come and Join Us

These are the numbers for our funded places, but we have room for more! If you’d like to join the programme and pay for your place, we’d love to have you too. Have a look at our Membership Options page to sign up.