Incubation Nation

Incubation Nation

A subsidised development programme for Female Founders and Business Owners in Milton Keynes

Everything you need to lay the foundations for success with our Business Bootcamps

Ongoing support from our hub of business experts, when you need it

Sam Poole Incubation Nation
Incubation Nation Business Bootcamp funded by Milton Keynes Council
This is Us Diversity Award Winner
MKBAA winner 2023
Women Leaders Finalist 2023

Sam Poole – Incubation Nation Founder

Incubation Nation was created after asking several entrepreneurs two questions…

“What is the profit margin on this product?”
And “How much do you pay yourself to produce this product?”

Over 90% of respondents did not know how much profit was in the item, and over 80% were not paying themselves!

It’s imperative that women entrepreneurs are not left behind in the start-up stage. Women have a direct impact on the local economy and families, so inspirational leaders are needed to lead others, and in doing so, we also leave a legacy for future generations.

I am passionate about helping women – those people whose drive, inspiration, and creativity inspired them to start a business – and providing them with those cornerstones for success.

In order to balance family commitments and employment in a flexible manner, one fifth of women now work as self-employed. Yet 80% of British businesses fail within their first year (ONS, February 2022). In the midst of all the hope, effort, and inspiration that goes into creating a new business, it is heartbreaking when it fails after such a short time.

My work with small businesses across Bucks, Beds, and Northants over the last 10 years helped them lay the foundations for success. In 2021, Milton Keynes Council awarded us funding to create Incubation Nation: a start-up development programme for women.

This gives new business owners the tools they need to grow a thriving, resilient business, built on the four foundation cornerstones that every business needs for success: Business Review, Business Planning, Marketing & Social Media, and Confidence Building & Mindset.

Our funded places are for women in business who meet certain criteria – but if you’re male or your business doesn’t qualify for a funded place, you can still book a payable place on the programme. So if you’re brand new to business, I’d love to hear from you!

Our Vision

To empower every female entrepreneur to grow and sustain a successful business. We want every business owner to have the tools they need to grow a strong, secure and profitable business, and to have a hub of affordable business services around them to support them as they grow.

Our Mission

It is our mission to empower women economically so they can choose what kind of life they want. Having financial independence is integral for women’s freedom and equality – and women are integral to this by starting, growing, and maintaining successful businesses. Every business in the UK should complete a ‘Business Bootcamp’ to improve their success rate as failure can be a disastrous lesson to learn!

Our Values

  • Equal Opportunities – creating a work life that works for all women
  • Inclusion – No matter what size your business is, we can help
  • A commitment to honesty and integrity
  • With funding, everyone can learn and grow
  • Business sustainability and survival for small businesses

Our Partners

Our Programme: Four Foundation Cornerstones

Business Review

●      Where are you now?

●      Where do you want to be in 12 months?

●      Financials

●      SWOT analysis

●      Systems & Processes

Business Planning

●      Create a 90 day business strategy plan

●      Create a 12 month business plan

●      Time Management

●      Networking

●      Lead Generation

Marketing & Social Media

●      Who is your ideal customer?

●      Where do they hang out?

●      Which marketing strategy is right for your business?

●      30 day marketing and social media plan

●      Blogging for business

Confidence Building & Mindset

●      Sales

●      Impostor syndrome

●      Feel the fear and go for it!

●      Mental Health Matters

●      Lifestyle & Health

Every Business Bootcamp session supports one or more of the Four Cornerstones:

Foundations for success so you can build to the next level

Incubation Nation Members

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Incubation Nation Business Bootcamp Milton KeynesYour business must be based in the Milton Keynes area

Incubation Nation Business Bootcamp Milton KeynesYou have an annual turnover of less than £85k

Incubation Nation Business Bootcamp Milton Keynes Men and women business owners all welcome (funded places are for women only though)

Incubation Nation Business Bootcamp Milton Keynes No minimum / maximum business age


How much is it?

How much is it? 

A number of places are fully funded by the council, but if you don’t qualify for one, you can still join the programme with a paid membership. Find out more on our Membership Options page…


Business Owners Supported


Turnover Generated

Incubation Nation Business Bootcamp Milton Keynes Andrea Eco Gifts

Andrea – Eco Gifts

Business Bootcamp 2022 Graduate

Having worked in the commercial environment for the last 30 years, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for Boot Camp in February. In no time at all, Sam put everyone at ease with her friendly enthusiasm and provided some great advice and encouragement. During the 12 weeks, I had the chance to experiment with different products, get advice from experts, and develop a business plan I regularly refer to. In addition, I now have a new network of friends to call upon. As well as boosting my confidence, the 12 weeks also helped me develop a clearer vision of the future.

Our Expert Hub

Our Expert Hub

You don’t have to do it all. We are creating a hub where small businesses have a ‘corporate structure of support’ without the huge overheads and costs of doing it all themselves.

Ready to start?

Ready to start?