“Networking, business goals and expert help – and it was FREE!”


Our copy and content expert, Rebecca Chamberlain, attended our first Accountability Drop-In of the new season in September – she came as an expert, but left with a plan for her own business too.

Here’s what she had to say about why our Accountability Drop-Ins are so good for your business…

I went to such a great session last Friday morning. In only a couple of hours, I met and chatted with multiple local business owners. I established goals for my own business for the next quarter. I discovered where I could go to get any expertise and support I’ll need to achieve them. And all this was in great surroundings, with plenty of parking, with coffee on the house – and it was FREE!

This miracle session for local MK business owners is the weekly drop-in run by Incubation Nation at MK:University in the city centre. It’s a council-funded business development programme organisation which gives business owners the foundations they need to build a lasting, thriving, sustainable enterprise. Sam Poole heads it up, with her years of experience in business growth, mentoring and marketing – and she’s supported by Carol Wright, an exceptional business coach who specialises in goal-setting and holding you to account.

I don’t qualify for the fully-funded places, but this session isn’t part of the formal programme: it’s a weekly open-house that welcomes any local business. Grab a cuppa, meet the other attendees (who come from a broad and brilliant range of industries), introduce yourself, hear about what everyone else has in their plan – and find the experts who can help you achieve your own.


And then there’s the Programme…

The exciting part for me was that I wasn’t initially there as a business owner – I was there as a programme expert. The programme itself is eight weeks long, and has fully-funded places for female business owners who are just starting out – although any business owner (male or female) can book a pay-as-you-go place. I’m the copywriting and content expert on the programme, and over the coming months I’ll be delivering sessions on blogging and telling your story. I’m also there to help advise on general content and writing queries, and how to get started.

So I was there as an expert – and I met a lot of people I’m hoping to help in the future – but I found the planning and goal setting so infectious, that I added my own business goals to Carol’s list of Christmas milestones for accountability and support. And as a result, I’ve since created and grown my first mailing list, sent out my first campaign, and made my first subscriber sale!


Network, Grow and Thrive

I cannot recommend Incubation Nation highly enough. Wherever you are on your business journey – just starting out, or a few years in and needing a new perspective – come down on a Friday morning and meet Sam and Carol, and the diverse other local businesses who’ll be in attendance. You’re guaranteed to get new inspiration, and you’ll meet a host of new connections who will help you deliver your new plans, too.